4 Habits of Healthy People

Jacob Warwick, Contributor | Learning about the common habits of healthy people can be a particularly motivational experience, even for people who are already living an active lifestyle. Sometimes these extra reminders can be just the boost that we need to get back on track or even encourage us to continue on the path to […]

The Truth About Protein…

Being a personal trainer has many facets.  Some trainers are certified and qualified to give nutritional advice, some are not.  I happen to get very involved with my clients nutrition.  From the first day I work with them, we focus on specifics such as the number of calories to the amount of macronutrients they should […]

Can I Make Every Day a Chest Day?

Many men want to work chest over any other muscle group in the human body because, in a nutshell, it makes them feel good about themselves and it makes them feel strong.  Similar to a woman wanting a great looking butt, a man typically wants a great looking chest. If you are a man who […]

Looking For An Easy Way to Understand Carbohydrates? Here You Go!

Anything that you can ingest, digest, has nutritional value and is NOT toxic to the human body is nutritionally beneficial. There are, however, better nutritional choices for accomplishing your desired goals. Let’s discuss carbs. CARBOHYDRATES, Every nutritional component has a value and a limit for your desired goal. Carbohydrates are no exception. I am going to […]

7 Simple Exercise That Show Results After One Workout

This dynamic, high-intensity move works the power muscles throughout your entire backside, like your butt, back, and hamstrings, making them look more toned, says exercise physiologist Pete McCall, C.S.C.S. Plus, it’ll rev your cardiovascular system and get you sweating, which will help reduce any belly bloat caused by excess fluid retention, and even constipation. Get […]

Lose Stubborn Fat

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