10 Things The Healthiest People Do Everyday

By Jacob Warwick, Contributor 

This is a bold statement. These 10 must-dos will help you live a happier, healthier, and more successful life — starting today. Some may surprise you; keep in mind, this is my definition of healthy. Leave your healthy tips and advice in the comments below. Enjoy!

1. Drink Water

Our bodies are comprised of roughly 60% water — the healthiest people not only drink water daily, but make it priority. Water is known to promote skin health, kidney function, satiety, increased metabolism, & bowel functions. Conversely, dehydration causes sluggishness, dizziness, and weakness.

2. Be Active

30 minutes can be difficult to fit into the busy lives that we manage; however, the healthiest people create routine — surprisingly, this does not always mean running, gym sessions, and CrossFit workouts. Being active can include pick up basketball games, walking the dog, or chasing the kids at soccer practice.

3. Read Labels

Understand what you put in your body. Look out for artificial sweeteners, tricky food additives, and preservatives that pass FDA approval. Good rule of thumb: if it has a shelf life longer than you do, don’t eat it.

If it has a shelf life longer than you do, don’t eat it.

4. Get Annual Checkups

Establishing a healthy rapport with your physician is a must-do to identify any risk factors or problems before they become serious. Preventative care is much less expensive and early treatment is more effective. This is no time to be embarrassed or tentative— your physician must know everything from physical to mental health behavior.

5. Schedule Sleep

The healthiest people set a bed time, stick to it, and wake up early. Scheduling sufficient sleep improves daily demeanor, energy, and focus — all vital for keeping the motor running. Would your phone run all day with a 42% charge? Would it shut down? While we’re on the topic of phones, power down! Half hour before bed shut it off and keep it far from your bed. The lights and sounds will disrupt sleep cycles. Emails and social updates can wait.

6. Laugh

Laughter is a powerful emotion that improves happiness and intimacy. The healthiest people relieve stress, pain, and conflicts by keeping an upbeat demeanor. A positive attitude (even when feeling negative) opens doors to new friendships and even career opportunities. The healthiest people also work in an enjoyable environment that is often full of laughter.

7. Understand that “We” is More Important Than “I”

The healthiest people understand that even the smallest acts of kindness have a large impact. Practice selflessness. Pick up an office task that a coworker usually handles, offer assistance, hold the door open, (occasionally the car door), stay late, offer a ride, and boost others. Observe your surroundings and note when something exemplary happens — don’t be afraid to stand out and publicly praise their efforts. Positive reinforcement is good for the soul.

The healthiest people understand that even the smallest acts of kindness have a large impact.

8. Listen

Are you actively listening, or simply awaiting your turn to speak? Check up on yourself, and really communicate with others. This also means putting the phone down, silencing your thoughts, and giving your full attention.

9. Try New Things

The happiest and healthiest people aren’t afraid to step out of the norm. Life begins outside the comfort zone. Avoid “ruts” and emotional stagnancy by mixing up routine. Add variety to your diet as well — discover new foods, kick start the metabolism, and balance essential nutrients.

10. Slow Down

Enjoy the ride. We may not have many opportunities to make a positive impact on this world. There is absolutely no sense in adding stress into our lives, or the lives of others. Take a moment to step back, evaluate, and breathe.

In the words of Pink Floyd: Breathe — Dark Side of the Moon

“Long you live and high you fly

And smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry

And all you touch and all you see

Is all your life will ever be. “

Live healthy, find balance, and breathe. Cheers.

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